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7-Zip Free Download

Nowadays compressing large files into a single archive and sending them across the internet became easier than ever. It is now a matter of time. As a Windows user, you have a built-in compression app for file compressing and decompressing. But the fact is, it does not help you all ways in terms of compression, actually, it is not that very good at all. So you have alternatives and the 7-Zip is one of them which one of the best. If you need a utility that takes less space on your PC, is free, and works effectively, then 7-Zip is the right one. Download 7-Zip free or you can try WinRAR to its alternative.

7-Zip; a compressed archive file format with a great compression ratio with a lot of features, letting you extract compressed files, alongside making compressed files. It is open-source, and completely free that helps you archive files in seconds. Its maximum source code is under the GNU Lesser General Public License, a few parts are under the BSD (Berkeley Source Distribution) 3-clause License, and there is unRAR license limit for a few parts of the source code as well. If you want to protect your files on your PC or want to save storage space, it will help in every way. 7-Zip not just helps you with file compression but also contains a wide collection of file compression formats and protects your files using encryption and passwords.

Easy navigating in a simple & clean UI-

Everybody prefers to use an app that has easy-to-use features and easy-to-navigate UI. 7-Zip will never let you down this way. It features a simple and clean UI. It probably appears old-fashioned at first look, but you will be getting familiar with the navigation in no time. Even a novice can easily start using the app. Its main toolbar has the most useful features with some customization options and other menus, letting you dig deeper and get used to its interface. For example-

  • Extract- is used to set the destination otherwise the output directory of the file.
  • View- lets you access conveniently the Folder history and the Favorites lets you save up to ten folders to access them easily and quickly.

7-Zip and the Windows Explorer menu are integrated automatically, therefore it shows archive files as folders. Simultaneously, the program offers a toolbar with a drag & drop feature.

Various file formats when archiving-

The formats are supported-

  • Packing or Unpacking- 7z (own format of 7-Zip), ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, XZ, & WIM.

Compared to other similar apps, 7-Zip gives a better compression ratio, mostly when using ZIP & GZIP file formats thanks to 7-Zip’s proprietary format 7z. It is between 2-10 % better than other available apps. The compression ratio is 40% higher delivered by 7-Zip. The utility uses LZMA & LZMA2 compression with different dictionary sizes, superb compression settings, and better density, again thanks to 7z.

Advanced & easy features for better usage-

7-Zip has loaded with features. As mentioned above, it helps you in file compression and decompression means you can do both archive file making and extracting. For easy file archiving and extraction within some clicks, the software has Windows Shell integration. 7-Zip can show even unknown files, as it follows many Windows Explorer standards. You will get a built-in browser that will help you identify, detect, and extract archives. You will also get password protection using solid AES-256 encryption for your compressed files and file names provided by 7-Zip to make them protected on your PC. The program additionally included a file manager, command-line versions, and primarily self-extracting support for 7z file formats. More about 7-Zip, it has a language localization option, supports over 80 languages, switch among any of the languages with a few clicks, and on the other hand, it uses a basic plugin for FAR Manager.

All main features of 7-Zip at a glance-

  • Great compression ratio in 7z file type using LZMA & LZMA2 compression.
  • Multiple packing & unpacking file types
  • 2-10% compression ratio for ZIP & GZIP file types
  • Solid AES-256 encryption with password protection in 7z & ZIP file types
  • Self-extracting support for 7z file type
  • Windows Shell integration
  • A powerful File Manager
  • Powerful command-line versions
  • Language Localization Option with 80+ languages
  • Basic Plugin for FAR Manager

7-Zip takes more time to complete the compression process than other similar software. Alongside, at the time compression progressing, the tool requires loads of system resources. These somehow may disappoint you. But as compared to other compression utilities, 7-Zip will be a great choice for your PC, when you want superior and encrypted both compression and decompression files by paying less.

To its conclusion; 7-Zip is free-to-use, convenient, and works better for both personal and commercial uses. There is no registration and subscription given separately, it is free for your business purpose as well. Download 7-Zip with an easy installation process, so a novice will not be stuck when installing. And it is available on almost every Windows OS and server. Take a look at WinZip, one of the best compression tools.

New in 7-Zip’s Latest Version (19.00)

  • Encryption strength increment for 7z archives: the random initialization vector’s size increment from 64-bit to 128-bit, as well as the pseudo-random generator improvement.
  • A few bugs were fixed.

New in 7-Zip’s Latest Beta Version (21.03 Beta)

  • The most dictionary size for LZMA or LZMA2 compression was increased to 4 GB (3840 MiB).
  • Speed optimized slightly in LZMA or LZMA2 compression.
  • A few bugs were fixed.

7-Zip Specification:

  • Software Title: 7-Zip
  • Software Version: 19.00 or 21.03 Beta
  • Software Size: 1.2 MB (x86 32-bit), 1.4 MB (x64 64-bit), 1.5 MB (ARM64 64-bit)
  • Platform (Windows OS): Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & Vista, Servers 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 & 2019 (32-Bit or 64-Bit)
  • Developers: 7-Zip

So this is it, now to download 7-Zip just click on the below button on this page to experience this software with a great compression ratio, solid data encryption, file management instruments, and both GUI & CLI usage on your Windows PC.